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NAPLAN Tutoring For School Students

NAPLAN tutoring is available to students in years 3, 5, 7, and 9 at school. National Assessment Program - Literacy And Numeracy (NAPLAN) testing has been a part of the school curriculum since 2008. Since then it has been a topic of much discussion and recently there have been plans to move the assessments from paper-based to online.  NAPLAN replaced the former  school assessment named Basic Skills Testing which shared the aim of lifting numeracy and literacy results. Our quality tutoring helps students to understand and engage with educational content. It is our goal to help students to become well-rounded and job-ready (click here for what makes us different). Whilst NAPLAN has met with more than it's fair share of criticism over the last years, students are still required to sit the tests and there is pressure from schools on them to perform well as students are representing their school through their results. Parents also place pressure on children to do well as their results are measured against the average results of other Australian schools. 

NAPLAN tutoring

According to a Sydney Morning Herald article written in July 2015, the literacy side of NAPLAN is mostly focused on spelling, making the comparison that Shakespeare would have failed the Year 9 NAPLAN Literacy test due to no standardised spelling or grammar rules when he was alive. Whilst this is true, it is vital that students are able to spell. The advance of technology has meant that computers automatically register spelling mistakes in most cases, causing students to become lazy in looking. Students that can't spell find it harder to get by in their HSC, university essays, and ultimately later in life. Helping students to read and write is a key aspect of our NAPLAN tutoring and English tutoring. Additionally, students often struggle to answer numeracy questions within the allocated time. Our tutors also provide specialised Maths tutoring to address student weaknesses in a constructive way. NAPLAN tutoring from Star Tutors can help students to prepare for assessments and to build better time management skills. 

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NAPLAN tutoring