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HSC Tutors Which Are Engaging, Relevant and Affordable

The High School Certificate (HSC) is a big year for students across NSW. Particularly for those who wish to enter university afterwards. There is increased responsibility, pressure, and many desire to do well. These aspects often conflict with a need for social interaction and fun with friends and family. We provide HSC tutors which are engaging, relevant and affordable.

In 2015, over 76,000 students completed at least one HSC course, just over 68,000 students were awarded the Higher School Certificate and over 55,000 students were eligible for an ATAR. According to the NSW Board of Studies, these are the highest numbers since the HSC began in 1967. It is unknown how many of these students will go on to university. Many students also decide to enter a trade apprenticeship position which may involve some TAFE work. Others still will go traveling and struggle to settle down to everyday work life. Everyone is different and everyone makes different decisions.

HSC tutors

Something which students are often less aware of is that regardless of their performance in the HSC, there are alternative pathways other than obtaining an appropriate ATAR. Something even less students are aware of is that many people who do well in the HSC decide against going to university. This could be attributed to a lack of finance, a job which doesn’t require further study, or personal circumstances. The main point of bringing this up is that it is important for students in their HSC year to keep perspective and maintain a balance. In 5 years time, most students forget the woes and anxiety experienced in Year 12. Most students have learned to deal with their outcome and move on.

Something which makes our Star Tutors different to other tutoring companies is that we understand what your child is going through. We know how to engage with them and how to help them understand information. We try to teach content so that it is relevant and memorable. Our mission is to help students become well-rounded and job-ready.

University tutoring is something which makes our company stand apart from others. We tutor students from Kindergarten to Year 12, and then beyond that to university students and even adults. Our vocational division has seen tremendous growth as more small business owners are realising the need to market themselves differently. For example, many Chem-Dry franchises (Chem-Dry QuickDry, Chem-Dry Ultimate, Chem-Dry Action, Chem-Dry Distinction, among others) have contacted us for staff training, WordPress website creation, and marketing assistance.

HSC tutors have become widely used for providing extra assistance for students. Virtually all students receive some form of tutoring in their final year of high school. The workplace has become a much more competitive environment for graduates, and strong grades are often beneficial for candidates. Some students will even go on to beginning their own business. Star Tutors will help students become more confident and more realistic about what to expect. HSC tutors specifically will help your student through the process of learning content, applying knowledge to assessments, and through providing guidance on different pathways that are applicable for the student. There is no right or wrong way. Our HSC tutors are friendly, experienced and trustworthy.

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HSC tutoring