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Economics Tuition - Achieve Outstanding Results With Our Experienced Tutors

Economics tuition is one of many areas where our Star Tutors particularly excel. We are confident our tutors will help your child to success. We have had many students over the years who have come to us after struggling to pass Year 11 Economics, who have gone on to achieve a Band 5 or 6 in their HSC after weekly tuition with Star Tutors (see here for some testimonials). This is because Year 11 and 12 students studying Economics at school can find the subject of Economics quite dry and boring, and subsequently don’t learn the content well. Having an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Economics tutor will make the world of difference. Our mission at Star Tutors is to help students reach their potential with quality tutoring and going beyond that to help students become well-rounded and job-ready. Our tutors are available for Economics tutoring online, one-on-one (within Sydney), and group sessions. Economics is a very relevant subject that has a great bearing on a student’s understanding of the world. Providing relevant and engaging examples to make the dry content come alive does help students to see connections and remember information more easily. Our tutoring techniques have been proven to be successful in helping students to improve results in a range of different school and university subjects.

Economics tuition

Economics tuition will take students through the basic underlying concepts of the world economy and progress through to various economic principles and issues that underpin an economy, such as the need for economic growth and inflation to be balanced, and the various types of unemployment normal for an economy. The environmental impact of a growing economy is also explored, helping students to understand the need to balance all economic activities to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. We strongly recommend the Economics textbooks by Tim Dixon and John O'Mahony as they cover the educational content required for Year 11 and 12 students in a structured and engaging way. Economics tuition is a key area in which students can gain knowledge which will be relevant for the rest of their lives.

Economics tuition is structured around your child's needs and the NSW syllabus to ensure they are keeping up with their class and assessments. Star Tutors will help students with all aspects of the Economics content required, including the theory, calculations, essays, assignments, homework and study. Often students may feel embarrassed when asking for help from teachers. Our tutors are experienced and approachable, and will help students to reach their full potential. For people wishing to become Economics tutors, please click here. To give parents and prospective Economics students an idea of topics covered in Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12), we have included a summary below. The Preliminary Economics course covered in Year 11 enables students to gain a broad overview of all topics required for a solid foundation for the HSC.

economics tuition

Year 11 (Preliminary Course):

  • Introduction to Economics.
  • Consumers and business.
  • Markets, labour markets, and financial markets.
  • Government in the economy.

Year 12 (HSC):

  • The global economy (looks at the concepts of Globalization, another major economy such as China and differing external impacts on an economy).
  • Australia's place in the global economy (specific issues in Australia and looks at both internal and external impacts on our economy and how it affects global economy).
  • Economic issues (topics include economic growth, inflation, employment and the environment).
  • Economic policies and management (takes a look at the way governments have and can shape the country with policies).

Providing quality Economics tuition is one example of how we can enable students to become well-rounded and job-ready. Much of the information they learn in this subject will have an influence on how they view the world. Many students in their final years of school tend to become inward-looking and just focus on getting through assignments on time. This is understandable as there is increasing pressure placed on students to do well. Our Economics tuition will not only help your student to achieve outstanding results in the subject, but also to develop a social consciousness and become aware of political and economic developments. Out tuition will teach you the essential theory and also bring the information into a relevant context which helps with understanding the broader picture.

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Economics tuition