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Business Studies Tuition With A Practical Approach

The world around us is moving faster and getting more difficult to understand. It is crucial that students receive academically balanced input to make all fields of learning come alive. We will make Preliminary and HSC Business Studies tuition relevant and interesting to amplify the learning process. As students learn best in differing environments, we offer home (individual or one-on-one), group and online tutoring for students studying Business Studies.

See subjects for the full range of school subjects and university courses we provide. Our Business Studies tuition will cover all necessary topics with relevant examples to enable students to achieve superior results and practical insights for the workplace. The Stage 6 NSW syllabus for Business Studies is split into topics to be covered by students in Year 11 (Preliminary) and Year 12 (HSC). In Year 11, students need to look at the general nature of business, business management and business planning. In Year 12, students look more closely at individual aspects of business, including operations, marketing, finance and human resources. The idea is that students are then able to determine whether they should consider furthering their business related studies into tertiary education, and whether they are suited to a particular department or function within a business. Star Tutors also provides university tuition courses which a particular emphasis on Marketing, creating websites and use of online Marketing channels, general business operations, and university essay writing courses.

Business Studies tuition

For example, the construction of an effective business plan is often touted as the starting point in the journey of a business. Whilst this may be true when a well resourced corporate company is starting a new venture, there is a far larger grey area when it comes to small businesses. The reality is that a small business does not have much access to research relevant to their venture. Basic information like the size of their market, seasonal trends, buying patterns, total spending on their type of product/service, consumer behaviour, price/quality data and much more is simply not available for small businesses which comprise 97% of all commercial concerns in Australia. This means that most business plans will be based on fiction or personal perceptions and are not very accurate. We advocate that a basic plan is possible but as an owner you most likely have to gather data as you trade and develop the business plan over time. Star Tutors have provided vocational training in website design and marketing advice to a range of small Australian businesses, including Pingi Australia, Chem-Dry Quick Dry, Chem-Dry Action, Chem-Dry Ultimate, and Creative Wedding Photography.

Additionally, students studying Business Studies will cover company organisational structures and this is generally taught from a certain best practice vantage point. Large companies are able to specialise and increase productivity through certain organisational structures which aren’t generally an option for small businesses. We will aim to bring a balance in our HSC Business Studies tuition by using examples that may in time become reality for the student. Another key aspect that we cover is Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) company analysis. This may seem like dull theory at first but our tutors will provide practical, relevant and engaging material when discussing the implications of understanding a business’ unique advantages.

Don't struggle in silence! Our Business Studies tuition is fun and can even serve as a stepping stone to that special job in the future.

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business studies tuition