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School Tutoring To Help Students Reach Their Potential

No two schools are the same. Teachers are different and have strengths and weaknesses in teaching the school curriculum. Many students struggle with a particular school subject at some point in their education. This could be as a result of not receiving the support they require, or because of gaps in their knowledge from previous classes. Star Tutors provide school tutoring and university tutoring in a wide range of subjects to help bridge this gap and provide quality academic support for students to regain confidence.

School tutoring has also been linked to stronger academic performance and attendance levels. See here for more on this topic. Good tutoring results have been shown to be related to strong interpersonal and academic skills of the tutor (see peer reviewed article here). We keep these factors in our criteria for new tutors, as we believe that the personality of a tutor can often make a huge difference to the student's ability to learn.

school tutoring

Currently, we offer the following school subjects:

Business Studies and Economics are options available to Year 11 and 12 students only. Commerce is offered as an elective for students in Year 9 and 10, who are at the midway point of their high school education and are beginning to think about their future. English is the only subject which is compulsory for all grades and must be done in the HSC. Geography and History are offered from Year 7 to 12, but students do not have to continue with them after Year 10. Students who choose to do History in their final two years are currently given the options of Ancient, Modern and Extension History. Finally, Maths is a subject that many students take all the way into their HSC and is a prerequisite for several university degrees.

Our tutors will help students improve through providing relevant and engaging examples to keep them interested. Our Star Tutors will help students to develop better study habits, produce better assessments, and to become ready for the future.

school tutoring