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University Essay Writing Tutoring: Improving Literacy Skills

One of the greatest challenges faced by university students relates to adjusting to different standards expected. When it comes to writing essays, those who had not received adequate support in high school or who come from a multicultural background tend to struggle most. University essay writing tutoring is not only offered for students, but adults wishing to improve their literacy skills for the workforce. Most jobs require strong writing skills, whether it be in e-mails to colleges, writing reports, or entering customer data into databases. Many everyday tasks are made easier when you can read or write to a high standard. When communicating within a business environment, it becomes more important to use the appropriate tone, grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Star Tutors are dedicated to making a difference to you or your child's education.

university essay writing tutoring

University essay writing tutoring incorporates various techniques to provide the best possible learning outcomes for students. Many university students receive assistance from our tutors in writing essays for specific subject assessments. Subjects such as Marketing or English tend require lengthy essays which must have numerous academic references. See here for school subjects and university subjects which Star Tutors offer. Assignments with an essay component are often worth a considerable proportion of the student's overall mark, and thus, more work and research needs to be done prior to the writing of the paper.

Something to be aware of when hiring a tutor is that whilst they can help you or your student to understand information and to write superior assessments, ultimately they need time to help. Hiring a tutor the day before your student's assessment is due is never advisable! To become a tutor, click here.

One aspect of essay writing which many students struggle with is using formal language. Essays always (unless otherwise specified) need to use third person formal language, rather than colloquial first person language. Academic writing is structured, objective and formal. The NSW Education Department has 10 tips for writing essays for school children in particular, but some can to an extent, be applied to tertiary studies. We have also compiled a few articles on how to study effectively, HSC study tips, our tutoring techniques, and types of 'brain foods' which have been linked to stronger academic performance and concentration.

University essay writing tutoring is for students and adults. Learn how to write essays that address the criteria more effectively and concisely. Call us today! 

university essay writing tutoring