Social Sustainability Marketing Tuition


Social Sustainability Marketing Tuition To Bring About Positive Changes

Social Marketing and Sustainability is an elective offered to students at Macquarie University, among other universities. It is about how to market services or products in the not-for-profit sector. The goal of this type of Marketing is to change behaviours for the good of society and individuals in a sustainable fashion, by applying commercial marketing practices. Social Sustainability Marketing Tuition will provide relevant and interesting examples to make this subject more interesting for students. For the full range of subjects we tutor, please click here.

Social marketing is more than just communicating with affected groups. To succeed, often social marketing campaigns understand the target market perceptions and attitudes, construct services and infrastructure where applicable, and ultimately they construct empowering partnerships with affected groups. For example, the AIDs control program launched in Australia was produced by a joint effort between health authorities and the gay community to bring about change on a large scale. See here for more information.

Social Sustainability Marketing tuition

Working in the not-for-profit sector can be very rewarding

Unfortunately, the not-for-profit organisations that require marketing staff are being negatively impacted at the moment. A major survey by Pro Bono Australia has found that there has been a 34 point drop in the Not For Profit Sector Perceived Performance Index since confidence levels dropped when the Abbott government came into power. Even with the change of government, this has remained low. This survey goes on to indicate that federal government policies, funding, and regulation have negatively impacted this sector. Whilst this may be the case currently, this could represent an opportunity for future governments to enhance this sector, thus creating more jobs and bringing about positive changes for the community in some way.

Social Sustainability Marketing tuition will cover the following topics:

  • Strategic marketing planning process.
  • 16 tips for success.
  • Determining research needs and options.
  • Choosing the purpose and focus for plans and conducting situational analysis.
  • Selecting, segmenting, and evaluating target audiences.
  • Setting behaviour objectives and goals.
  • Identifying barriers, benefits, the competition, and influential others.
  • Developing a positioning statement.
  • Developing the strategic marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion).
  • Developing a plan for evaluating and monitoring campaigns.
  • Establishing budgets and finding funding.
  • Creating an implementation plan and sustaining behaviour.

The Social Sustainability Marketing tuition is best suited to individuals who are interested in joining the not-for-profit sector and care about making a difference. Often the intrinsic value of helping others is an intangible reward that for-profit companies are unable to offer their employees.

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Social Sustainability Marketing tuition