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Services Marketing Tuition: Empowering The Next Generation To Enhance The Services Sector

Currently, Australia’s service sector represents roughly 70% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). We collectively provide services in a myriad of ways, and according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), there are four out of five Australians who are employed in this sector. This highlights how important services are to our economy, and hence, why there is increasing importance in Services Marketing tuition. Whilst Services Marketing is currently an elective for students at Macquarie University, it is a particularly relevant and interesting subject for all students to take. Small business owners would also strongly benefit from our Services Marketing course. Small businesses which have taken our Services Marketing course include Chem-Dry QuickDry, Chem-Dry Distinction, Chem-Dry Ultimate, Chem-Dry Action, and Creative Wedding Photography. Star Tutors provide a wide range of subjects which will help equip students and small business owners with the necessary tools for success.

Services Marketing tuition has plenty of examples and relevance for all students. We see services being performed everywhere. Tuition is an example of the service which our Star Tutors provide to students who are struggling or who want to succeed in their results. As someone once described it, services are ‘something that can be bought and sold but cannot be dropped on your foot’. Our Services Marketing tuition covers a range of different aspects and is highly practical as there is plenty of ideas which students which will help them become well-rounded and job-ready for the future. We highly recommend that students or small business owners organise to do at least an hour per week over 3 months for the best results.

services marketing tuition

The following topics are covered in Services Marketing tuition:

  • Defining services.
  • Customer behaviour and service encounters.
  • Customer satisfaction and service quality.
  • Managing the customer service function.
  • Managing customer relationships and retention strategies.
  • Customer complaints and service recovery.
  • Managing people for service advantage.
  • Developing a service product strategy.
  • Target marketing and positioning.
  • Communicating and promoting services.

Ultimately, the Services Marketing tuition will apply the principles of services marketing to organisations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. The course will look at the characteristics and unique problems caused by the differences between marketing tangible goods and intangible services. As mentioned previously, Australia’s economy is heavily reliant on various services. In particular, the largest services exported are educational-related travel, recreational travel, business travel, professional services, among others. It is vital that we provide the next generation with all the tools necessary for sustaining a successful services sector in the future.

There is a vast world waiting to be discovered. Services Marketing tuition by an enthusiastic Star Tutor will open the gate and take you on a journey of discovery.

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Services Marketing tuition