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Sales Management Tuition: The Connection Between Sales And Marketing

People often think of sales and marketing as the same thing. Many Marketing students require knowledge of sales as it can be a big component of what is required from prospective employers. However, they are not the same thing. Sales are defined as transactions between two parties where a buyer receives goods, services, or assets in exchange for money. The generally accepted definition of Marketing relates to the ‘activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large’. Marketing and sales are closely linked and the success of one will generally lead to the success of the other. Sales Management Tuition will help students to understand this connection and help them to become job-ready. Our tutors meet a wide range of criteria to ensure they provide you with the best possible services. If you are a prospective tutor, please see here for some of the subjects we currently provide for. See our wide range of subjects which will help equip students and small business owners with the necessary tools for success.

sales management tuition

Star Tutors will make the topic of Sales Management tuition interesting and engaging. It has a bearing on how prospective employers view students finished with their undergraduate studies. Many entry level jobs for students require sales skills. It is a very competitive job market for graduates currently, and only a few are able to obtain a Marketing job upon leaving university. There are much more jobs available for salespeople, and they pay better than entry-level Marketing jobs as they reward hard work through base salary plus commission. Give your child the best possible chance of succeeding!

Our Sales Management tuition will cover topics including:

  • 8 steps of selling.
  • The sales function and multi-sales channels.
  • Approaches to leadership.
  • Ethics, the law, and sales leadership.
  • B2B sales and CRM.
  • Leveraging information technologies.
  • Designing and organising the sales force.
  • Recruiting and selecting the right salespeople.
  • Training and developing the sales force.
  • Supervising, managing, and leading salespeople.
  • Setting goals and managing sales force performance.
  • Motivating and rewarding salespeople.
  • Turning customer information into sales knowledge.
  • Assessing sales force and performance levels.
  • Internal and external cultural forces affecting sales performance.

Ultimately, sales are vital to the sustained functioning of any company or not-for-profit organisation. Charities often rely on their salespeople to maintain funding levels to finance their activities. Sales involve the array of different promotional activities that marketing deals with. Things like advertising, public relations, and personal selling are all relate to sales. Sales Management tuition will detail the distinctions between different sales tactics and approaches used by salespeople every day. Small business owners are also welcome to take this course, as it will assist in selecting the right staff, training them correctly, and turning their feedback into areas in which the company can grow. Many companies have poor training and reward policies for their staff, resulting in high staff turnover. We will address these issues and make the information relevant and interesting for students and business owners alike.

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Sales Management tuition