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Grow your small business with proper Google Adwords Tuition. We know there are many companies out there who promise to deliver fantastic Google Adwords results.

The difference is... We will actually help you.

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Google Adwords Tuition Advice:

Our List of Top 10 Things to Avoid

Google Adwords tuition is one of our most popular vocational subjects as we provide more than theoretical assistance. With several years of experience in Google Adwords management, Star Tuition has been able to generate significant online traffic and sales for,,, and through effective Google Adwords marketing campaigns.

During the last decade, Google advertising has burst onto the scene and today it dominates online advertising in a way that we have not seen before. Many billions of dollars are spent on Google Adwords each year by website owners to promote their services and/or products. In our experience, a significant portion of their budgets can be wasted or misdirected. Proper Google Adwords tuition has never been more important.  

Google Adwords tuitionHere are some of our findings.

Google Adwords Tuition - The Star Tutors List of Top 10 Things To Avoid:

1. Do not accept the advice from Google Adwords consultants to increase your budget or increase your bidding. This is easy advice and is of little benefit to the advertiser. Because the Google Adwords bidding is done on a competitive auction basis, it is in the service provider’s interest to extract higher bids. Higher bids will exhaust your a budget quickly and not always lead to the desired response.

2. Panic bidding when keywords fall under the first page. Well-constructed campaigns will have many keywords, adgroups and advertisements. The bidding will ebb and flow during a day for a specific keyword. It is perfectly fine to have a couple of hundred keywords under first page bidding provided your total keyword list runs into thousands of phrases. Over-bidding on keywords is one of the biggest issues for many Google Adwords advertisers. Build a comprehensive campaign and stay patient.  

3. Adwords Certified companies that charge a large monthly fee to look after your campaign.  Our comprehensive Google Adwords tuition may save you a lot of money because once a good campaign is constructed, it really just needs a bit of tweaking and only minor changes from time to time.

4. Getting stuck with “Broad Match” keywords. The adjustment to other types of keywords is crucial to ensure that customer searches are accurate. Whilst the maintenance of an effective negative keyword list will help, it is also true that keyword searches can be quite unique from time to time. With our Google Adwords tuition, you will learn about the types of keywords that work most effectively.

5. Ignoring Google tutorials and updates. It can be information overload but keeping up with the best practice is an important part of keeping the online advertising budget in check. Google Adwords campaigns should always be a work in progress. If you strive to lower pay-per-click costs, find additional long tail keywords, create more effective advertisements and improve bounce rates of your landing pages, your online advertising return on investment should also improve.

Google Adwords tuition

6. Using Google Display when you are on a tight budget. Large corporations may use this kind of advertising, but most companies cannot afford to just boost brand image/create awareness. Google Display burns through a budget very quickly and is not sales-orientated advertising. With any online advertising, the objective of awareness, traffic and sales should the outcomes that you are after.

7. Using inappropriate landing pages. When potential customers click on one of your Google Adwords advertisements, they should land on a page that accurately deals with their topic or keyword search. Poor matches lead to high bounce rates, leading to high pay per click costs and, in some instances, downgrading of Adwords campaigns by Google. What this means is that low quality pages (a Google ranking of less than 5 out of 10) can have a negative effect on the overall campaign. High bounce rates are just as bad as overbidding on keywords. This could lead to massive budget waste as click to call conversions will be poor. Small daily savings become a significant amount of money over time.

8. Employing only one advertisement per Adgroup. We recommend that at the very least two or three Ads should be produced for every Adgroup. This enables the campaign manager to monitor the performance of each advertisement.

9. Following the herd. When an industry is competitive, keyword competition is often concentrated in a specific way. Unique long tail keywords not only cost far less but may lead to a far better search experience. Develop enough long tail keywords with matching landing pages and the savings as well as conversions, will rocket up.

10. Thinking that a complete outsider will somehow magically understand your company, where you position yourself or which products or services are the most important to you. Effective Adwords campaigns are fashioned around the individual strength or weakness of the advertiser.  There has to be effective and clear communication with the Adwords campaign manager. Google Adwords tuition will go some way in getting you to take care of a large portion of the work internally. Even if you still wish to use an outside agency, you will be able to hold your adverising manager more accountable and possibly save significant advertising dollars.

Google Adwords tuition

Online advertisers are generally found in the following groups:

  • Some larger companies have in-house expertise in Google Adwords and have been doing it for many years at low CPC rates. Sales/enquiries are measured against the Adwords campaigns to ensure effective return on investment is achieved.
  • Firms who have been sucked in by Google with Google Adwords Express or limited help with an Adwords campaign. They try and do the advertising themselves and waste a lot of money in the process. In some instances the companies could be paying up to 200% too much for their clicks. All that needs to happen is that a campaign has too many basic short keywords and bidding is too aggressive.  
  • Companies who subcontract their Adwords management to specialists without understanding how it works. Whilst some may be lucky and land an effective and driven manager, this can be a bit of pot luck. Frequent complaints are that an Adwords Consultant has too many customers on his/her plate and poor service is the result. In our experience, some Adwords Specialists will charge an additional margin per click as well as a management fee.

Do not operate in the dark. What are you waiting for? Contact Star Tutors for quality Google Adwords tuition!

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