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Online Marketing Tuition For A Changing World

Online Marketing tuition is certainly one of the fastest growing areas of Marketing. In addition to online Marketing, Star Tutors provides a wide range of subjects which will help equip students and small business owners with the necessary tools for success. Small business owners are today able to market their business much more effectively and at a lower cost to those who are ready to buy. The static nature of printed directories such as the Yellow Pages has made this kind advertising media much less popular. As the march towards online and, more specifically, use of mobile devices online, gathers pace, it has become a crucial field of knowledge for students and businesses alike.

Our online Marketing tuition course covers the following topics:

  • We cover the general approach to online selling or Marketing. We look at what you want to achieve, what the competition is doing, and how Google and social media platforms are connected.
  • Our tutors will also provide engaging information about the whole subject of online search. We look at customer behaviour and where they go when they are looking for a specific service or product.
  • Domain name selection and how bad choices have poor long term consequences. We look at the latest trends in domain name choices.
  • How to build your own WordPress website. We have helped many small businesses with WordPress website construction and will discuss the pitfalls to avoid. In general, simple websites that have effective calls to action will result in low bounce rates and good conversions. For example, we have assisted Pingi Australia, Chem-Dry Quick-Dry, Hills Carpet Cleaning, Chem-Dry Distinction, Moisture Absorbers and Creative Wedding Photography, among other companies.

online marketing tuition

Google plays a huge role for online businesses

Google dominates the online marketing space

  • We discuss the hype around Google Display and the effective use of this option.
  • Our tutors will also go into detail about Google Adwords and how it is relevant for everyone. Understanding of how to use this option may save you thousands of dollars. Building negative keyword lists and creating compelling advertising form part of this topic. We look at proper segmentation connecting keywords with ad groups. A lot of businesses participate in Google Adwords but very few do it well. Many small businesses do not have the knowledge or time to run a professional cost effective campaign. Companies specialising in Adwords management, deliver a poor outcome in many instances. The account managers are spread across too many accounts and do not take the time to study the individual client's needs. The specialists do not know your business and are not working with their own money. They will teach you about how to use Adwords but not focus on making it a cost effective vehicle. Our Marketing tutors will teach you the whole spectrum of how to use Google Adwords effectively for maximum results, and how to independently manage your account once you have mastered the basics.
  • Another key area of our online Marketing tuition course is Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) including the use of Google My Business pages. The balance between regular blogging, pdf research documents, links and back-links are all explored. Correct use of meta tags, getting keyword density to acceptable levels, and the link between Adwords and SEO are also discussed within this topic.
  • Finally, social media Marketing is discussed with the main focus on Facebook advertising. Our online Marketing tuition will also touch on Ecommerce Marketing and Ebay as avenues of product promotion.

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online marketing tuition