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Marketing Strategy Tuition For All Organisations

Marketing Strategy tuition is fundamental to the success of students studying Marketing at Macquarie University. It is the ‘capstone’ unit which means that all students studying this subject need to do it in their final year, and that this subject is a compilation of various other marketing subjects studied throughout the degree. Many students fail this unit, particularly because of the Blue Ocean Strategy simulation assessment. With the help of our Star Tutors, your university student will understand the subject, perform well in crucial assessments, and be able to use this information later in life.

Marketing Strategy tuition examines the way that Marketing has been taught up until this point and introduces a completely new way of thinking about the subject. It can leave some students confused and uncertain about what is right or wrong. We will help students come to terms with the new content and develop a strategic mindset. Star Tutors provides a wide range of tuition subjects which will help equip students and small business owners with the necessary tools for success.

Marketing Strategy tuition

Topics covered in our Marketing Strategy Tuition course include:

  • Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy and how to succeed in the simulation assessment.
  • Market-led strategic management.
  • Defining the business purpose or mission.
  • The changing market environment.
  • Customer analysis and marketing research.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • The organisational resource base.
  • Segmenting and positioning principles.
  • Segmenting and positioning research.
  • Selecting market segments.
  • Creating competitive advantage.

The theoretical side of this subject is reasonably limited compared with other Marketing subjects. It is much more hands on and practical, making it of more use for students about to graduate. Star Tutors will make the information engaging and relevant for students. Marketing Strategy tuition covers all educational content required for students and will go further to make it relevant not only for big conglomerates, but also for small businesses which comprise 97% of all commercial activities in Australia.

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marketing strategy tuition