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Global Marketing Tuition For University Students

Globalisation is having a profound influence on the world. Countries are becoming more interconnected through trade, money flows, communications, and tourism. Increasingly, large conglomerates are spreading across newly open economies in which they previously had little exposure. Global Marketing tuition is becoming a key aspect of the world in which we live. Large companies need to understand the differences in language, customs, and traditions, and make sure that they continually monitor changes and feedback. This is something which is also beginning to affect smaller businesses around the world. All businesses, regardless of their size, require Marketing knowledge, awareness of the domestic economy, and an understanding of how external global events and global businesses can affect their ability to remain competitive. Star Tutors provides a wide range of subjects which will help equip students and small business owners with the necessary tools for success.

Global Marketing tuition

Multinationals are attracted to cities like Sydney

One marketing campaign that is successful in an English speaking country won’t necessarily be translated correctly or as effectively in another country. For example, Colgate launched a new toothpaste in France called ‘Cue’ but did not realise that this is also the name of a French pornographic magazine. Some other global marketing failure examples can be found here.

Our Global Marketing tuition course will cover the following topics:

  • Economic environment and integration.
  • Trade institutions and trade policies.
  • Political and legal environment.
  • The cultural environment.
  • Building a knowledge base.
  • Foreign market entry.
  • Channels of distribution and logistics.
  • Product policy and adaption in international markets.
  • Product and brand management in international markets.
  • Pricing in international markets.
  • International marketing communications.

Ultimately, understanding how different countries communicate and advertise will assist Marketing students to use these techniques and be aware of the potential pitfalls involved if they were to join an international company. International marketing failures can have a catastrophic influence on sales and the company’s reputation. Strong PR and public company apologies can assist in returning goodwill and profit, but take a lot longer to take effect. Having an international team of marketing experts in a company is becoming a necessity for multinationals as slang and connotations of certain words are not always apparent to outsiders. Multinationals require Marketing staff from a range of ethnic backgrounds to reduce this problem. Global Marketing tuition will make the subject practical, relevant and interesting for students intending to join a global business after graduating.

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global marketing tuition