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Introduction To Global Business Tuition

Globalisation has played a key part in the world we have today. It represents the convergence of markets, trade and financial flows, regulatory bodies, and ultimately, in consumer tastes and preferences. Global Businesses are generally well known and have obtained considerable market shares in most countries. Introduction to Global Business tuition provides students with relevant and interesting information regarding factors influencing multinationals. Whilst many graduates will eventually work for medium or small firms, or possibly begin their own business, this information is still relevant for all participants in the world economy. Star Tutors provides a wide range of subjects for school and university students, as well as small business owners seeking a competitive edge. Small business owners who have a global business perspective often set higher goals and have a more balanced viewpoint of how external influences impact on internal organisational concerns.

Global Business tuition

Global Business tuition looks at the impacts of globalisation and the different influences countries have on the daily operations of an international company. Political, economic, legal, social, cultural, and ethic considerations can present new opportunities for innovative companies. Students starting undergraduate studies in International Business can sometimes be overwhelmed by the amount of information that is covered in weekly lectures. Our Star Tutors will help students to make effective study timetables and to learn content in an engaging and useful way that has relevance for the future.

Introduction to Global Business tuition will cover the following topics:

  • Globalisation.
  • National differences (political, economic, legal).
  • Political economy and economic development.
  • Culture.
  • Ethics in business.
  • International trade theory.
  • Political economy of international trade.
  • Foreign direct investment.
  • Regional economic integration.
  • The foreign exchange market.
  • The international monetary system.
  • The global capital market.

Studying Global Business at university can provide students with a range of different career paths they can pursue after graduating. Students studying engineering or languages or psychology may also find the Global Business tuition of interest as it can have a bearing on their future job. Conflict and economic downturns no longer just affect the country in which they are in, but they affect other nations and businesses around the world. For example, the ramifications of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) are still being felt. Our tutors will help students understand Global Business and the myriad of influences on business operations so that they can become well-rounded and job-ready.

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global business tuition