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CRM Tuition: To Overcome An Increasingly Fragmented and Competitive Business Environment

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy which integrates internal and external aspects to create and deliver value, and ultimately attempts to increase profit and satisfaction levels. CRM tuition is one of many crucial and compulsory courses for undergraduate Marketing degrees that we provide Marketing tutoring for. Small business owners would also benefit from undertaking this course as it looks at the way in which managing customer relationships impacts on organisations. We have assisted various small Australian businesses (including Chem-Dry QuickDry and Pingi Australia) with their customer relationship management and focus. For the full range of subjects we tutor, please click here.

CRM tuition

CRM tuition is structured around four types of customer relationship management. These are strategic, operational, analytical, and collaborative types of CRM. Since the 1980’s, there have been several changes to CRM as we know it today, and this is likely to evolve further into the future. Our tutors will provide up to date information and make the subject relevant and interesting for students. It is a particularly useful subject for students leaving university to look for their first marketing or administration job.

CRM tuition will cover the following topics:

  • Consumer behaviour, value, and experiences.
  • Customer satisfaction, loyalty, and segmentation.
  • Relationship theories, trust, and communication.
  • Customer portfolio management and acquisition.
  • Relationships and customer life cycle.
  • Managing CRM and the organisation’s role in CRM.
  • Managing CRM and other relationships.
  • Managing technology for CRM.
  • Managing automation and CRM.
  • Implementing CRM projects and measuring performance.

Customer relationship management tends to hinge on the ability of a company to create and deliver value to customers at a sustainable profit. This is a key issue which faces all businesses. Sources of value arise from the products, services, processes, employees, and physical evidence. Our CRM tuition breaks down the terminology and sheer amount of information available on this topic into smaller pieces which will resonate with students and business owners. It is a largely theoretical subject which comprises of many aspects that organisations need to consider in the business cycle. Developing a customer focus and managing all areas of the business to reflect this is vital. Having a relationship focus brings numerous advantages for companies as the current economic environment is becoming increasingly difficult in which to compete.

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CRM tuition