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Consumer Behaviour Tuition For More Effective Marketing

Many Psychology and Marketing university students are required to study the evolving needs and behaviour of customers. Our Consumer Behaviour tuition will examine the decision processes and physical behaviour engaged by consumers when acquiring, using, evaluating, and disposing of goods and services. See Subjects or Marketing Tutoring for other courses which we cover. Whilst the subject Consumer Behaviour can be quite dry and theoretical, our tutors excel in providing plenty of practical applications and relevance for students to engage with.

Qualitative and quantitative insight into trends and customer behaviour are often only available for larger companies with bigger budgets. Small to medium sized firms often rely on gut feelings and intuition when it comes to understanding consumer behaviour as often they cannot afford expensive market research. Gaining an understanding of the foundations of consumer behaviour is essential for all Psychology and Marketing students, regardless of the size of the business or not-for-profit organisation they eventually work for.

Consumer Behaviour tuition

Understanding customer behaviour and food presentation are becoming vital to the success of the food industry

Consumer Behaviour tuition will cover the following aspects:

  • Foundations of consumer behaviour.
  • Consumer needs and motivation.
  • Personality and self-concept.
  • Consumer perception.
  • Learning and consumer involvement.
  • Nature of consumer attitudes.
  • Social influences on buyer behaviour.
  • The influence of family and social class.
  • Cultural and subculture influences on consumer behaviour.
  • Consumer decision making process.
  • Personal influence and the diffusion of innovations.

Many theories are studied throughout this course. Differentiating between theories on the same topic is one area in which students typically struggle. Students will learn about theories such as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Murray’s psychogenic needs list, lotus of control, classical conditioning, involvement theories, and cognitive dissonance theory, and many more. It is recommended that for students to perform well in Consumer Behaviour tuition, at least an hour a week for a semester with a tutor should be scheduled to best remember the informational content. Our goal at Star Tutors is to ensure students become well-rounded and job-ready and to do this, we will provide interesting examples to keep the educational information relevant. See here for more information about what makes us different and our tutoring techniques which have been proven to help students improve.

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consumer behaviour tuition