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Brand Management Tuition - Using Branding Effectively For More Distinguished Offerings

We provide Brand Management tuition for students at Macquarie University as this subject (or MKTG311) is necessary for Marketing students to take. It is a very theoretical subject with plenty of layers of content that need to be learned within about 3 months. Students can struggle with remembering all aspects involved in brand management, such as different product levels, how to establish brand positioning, and using an integrated marketing communication program to build brand equity.

This subject can be quite dry and has a lot of content to remember. Our Brand Management tuition will help you by making the content relevant and interesting to students. We can help you take better notes and to keep on top of the avalanche of information that is associated with this subject. For Brand Management tuition to be most effective, it does require students to take ownership of their education and to study independently of time spent with our tutors. It requires students to start tutoring within a few weeks of the start of the course, as this subject is so heavy in content it is impossible to learn effectively just before the exam.

Key areas that will be covered within this topic include:

  • The importance of brands.
  • Consumer-based brand equity.
  • Brand positioning.
  • Choosing brand elements to build brand equity.
  • Designing and integrating marketing programs to build brand equity.
  • Leveraging secondary brand associations to build brand equity.
  • Developing a brand equity measurement and management system.
  • Measuring sources and outcomes of brand equity.
  • Designing and implementing brand architecture strategies.
  • Introducing and naming new products and brand extensions.
  • Managing brands over geographic boundaries and market segments.

Brand Management tuition

Improve your notes and understanding with quality Brand Management tuition!

Our Marketing tutoring courses are all taken by experienced Star Tutors who have helped many Marketing students at university to excel and achieve excellent results. Weekly tuition sessions combined with the extra session as required for assignments is a great way to manage this content heavy subject. This subject is fundamental to a student’s success in a Marketing career. We also recommend that small business owners looking for a competitive edge take this course.

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