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Essay Writing Tutoring For Improved Results

Essay writing is not something that comes naturally for most people. Students in high school and university are expected to write essays for most subjects, often without receiving adequate guidelines or examples. For students who come from a non-English speaking background, essays and literacy intensive subjects can be particularly difficult. Even those from English-speaking backgrounds can struggle with constructing a quality document. Star Tutors are experienced and know how to help those with difficulties. We provide essay writing tutoring for all students at school and for students in Business courses at university. Essay writing tutoring is all about teaching you or your child how to produce a quality essay. Our superior approach and methodology produces great results. 

essay writing tutoring

Many students we tutor are studying at university and struggle with the level of writing required to complete assessments. University essay writing tutoring is one of the cornerstones of our service, as students can find the transition from school to university very challenging due to much higher standards expected. Quality writing is required for media and marketing university courses, for example, which require students to write comprehensively researched essays and reports.

Star Tutors provide essay writing tutoring for a wide range of school subjects, including but not limited to: English, Economics, Business Studies, Geography, History (Ancient, Modern and Extension) and Commerce. Maths and Science related subjects tend to have less or no essay writing, but this is no excuse! The ability to read and write is vital to the success of any student and adult in the developed world.

In fact, poor writing skills will hinder you or your child's success in the workplace. Strong writing skills make all the difference to how people perceive you. Grammatical accuracy and spelling is vital for many professions, and are often indicators of credibility, capability, intelligence, and a regard for the presentation of the content. For more on this topic, click here. An example of how strong literacy skills can help is through easier identification of spam emails which are often made obvious by 'typos' and grammatical errors. When looking for a new job, your ability to spell and write is paramount. Many prospective employers will disregard resumes or cover letters which are poorly structured, and have obvious literary mistakes. By meeting with one of our friendly literacy tutors, you can gain an edge at school or university, and ultimately, in the workforce. Call us today or fill in the contact form!

essay writing tutoring