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Online Marketing Tutoring For The 21st Century

Internet Marketing has become a crucial part of advertising in modern times. The change from print media to online information consumption has been quite profound. Students of Marketing and Marketing departments of companies have had to re-think some of the traditional strategies being used to promote products and services. Our Online Marketing tutoring service aims to help you catch up with the ever changing marketing environment.

Benefits of online tutoring:

  • Greater convenience. No traveling is required for the student or tutor.
  • Flexibility as to when the tutoring takes place.
  • Reduced costs as there is no travel involved.
  • Savings for families as online tutoring is less expensive than physical one-on-one tuition.
  • Extra tutoring sessions can be arranged with tutors at later notice, enabling students to receive more assistance before submitting assessments or having examinations. This does depend on the individual tutor, be sure to ask at least 2 days beforehand.
  • Students tend to get more work done as this form of tutoring is often straight to the point.

Online Marketing tutoring

What kind of subjects do we cover with Online Marketing tutoring?

With students we will concentrate on subjects that are being taught at university such as consumer behaviour, brand management, assignment assistance, sales management, marketing strategy, market research, customer relationship management, university essay writing, product case studies, services marketing and many others.

Our approach with companies differs in the sense that we focus on things like domain name choices, website construction (we recommend WordPress), e-commerce constraints and opportunities, paid online advertising, search engine optimisation and the use of social media.  

Online Marketing tutoring

What makes our Online Marketing tutoring unique?

We provide a holistic mix of theory combined with extensive small business experience with specific emphasis on best practice internet Marketing. It is our objective to help Marketing students become job-ready with skills that companies want and need. The tutoring aimed at small businesses is designed to save owners money and time and help them to avoid the many pitfalls that come with a lack of knowledge. See here for more information about what makes us different and the tutoring techniques which we use.

Our online tutoring will be interactive and structured so that it also becomes an exchange of ideas instead of just being a teaching platform. The constant need to learn is now a given in our modern world. Those who understand this and are willing to embrace and absorb new concepts are far more likely to be effective in their work.

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Online Marketing tutoring