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Online Tutoring For Greater Flexibility

Technology has been improving rapidly over the last decade, causing new industries to appear, and other industries to become obsolete. Generation X and Millennials are the first cohorts to grow up with computers in their homes and have the highest rate of technology use compared with other age groups. Star Tutors meets the needs of these generations by offering online school tutoring, online Marketing tutoring, and tutoring for small business owners who prefer the flexibility it provides.

Back in 1999, Bill Gates made a speech at the New York Institute of Technology where he encouraged teachers to use technology to serve the needs of these generations growing up with the Internet. It has been gradually introduced into schools around the world. Today, many schools in Australia require students to do homework on computers and submit assessments online. Many universities also offer online courses and degrees. Interestingly, a study completed by Harper and Kember in 1986 found that distance (or online) learners tended to be working adults who were more intrinsically motivated and used a deep learning approach compared to their younger counterparts. Star Tutors will help all students (regardless of their age) to become well-rounded and job-ready through the broad range of subjects we offer. For more on what makes Star Tutors different, click here.

online tutoring

Online tutoring provides several benefits:

  • Flexibility as to when the tutoring takes place.
  • Convenience as both the tutor and student don’t need to travel to meet.
  • Reduced cost as there is no traveling required.
  • Savings for families as online tutoring is less expensive than physical one-on-one tuition.
  • Extra tutoring sessions can be arranged at later notice, enabling students to receive more assistance before submitting assessments or having examinations.
  • Students tend to get more work done as this form of tutoring is often straight to the point.
  • We provide the option of recording online tutoring sessions for the convenience of parents to oversee how their child performs and which areas they require more assistance in.

All that is required of students is to have a reliable Internet connection, a Skype account, and to have a quiet area in which they can do online tutoring without distractions. Language intensive subjects, such as English, History, or Marketing can be tutored online fairly easily. However with subjects like Maths, there can be more limitations as tutors are more easily able to identify errors and correct methods when they are physically beside the student.

online tutoring