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Home Tutoring For Individual Support

Home tutoring, otherwise referred to as individual or one-on-one tutoring, is still the most popular method of tuition for the majority of subjects we offer.

Students are tutored in their home individually and are able to receive tailored sessions to their needs and learning style. Often students feel more relaxed at home and have easier access to stationary and snacks. Our Star Tutors provide individual attention to students and can explain concepts more succinctly and quicker than is possible in the classroom.

Please note that whilst all the subjects listed below are offered for private one-on-one tuition sessions, not all of these subjects are available to be taught online or in groups.

home tutoring

Star Tutors provides home tutoring in the following school subjects:

Star Tutors also provide home tuition for university students in the following subjects:

Home tutoring has proven to be particularly effective in several ways. Motivation levels of students tend to be higher, particularly when they do homework with home tutors, as they can receive instant support when they require it, rather than getting stuck. As tutors have much more interpersonal interaction with students in this environment, they are also quickly able to identify strengths and can take measures to improve on weaknesses. Students also tend to be more comfortable expressing doubt with home tutors rather than to a teacher at school or university as it is embarrassing to admit confusion in front of peers (see more here). Adjusting the method of teaching to suit the student’s learning style is easiest for home tutors. See our webpages on what makes Star Tutors different and our teaching techniques. For instance, some students learn best from writing out content, others from hearing information, and still others from seeing it visually presented.

Star Tutors provide a wider range of subjects than other tuition companies. Our home tutors are available for school tutoring and university Marketing tutoring sessions. Some vocational subjects for adults or students seeking an employment edge in the workforce are also available. We genuinely care about helping students to reach their potential. Our mission is to provide superior tuition which has relevance for students to help them become well-rounded and job-ready. Click here for more information about what makes our tuition service better. Our home tutoring is popular with school and university students alike and will make all the difference in helping students understand educational content. For home tutoring packages, please click here.

Give your child the best possible chance of succeeding.

Home tutoring is the best way of ensuring your child receives superior individual support and gains an educational edge over peers.

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