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Group Tutoring For Cost-Effective Interactive Learning

Does your child struggle to keep up with his or her class? Is money a bit tight but you still want to help them achieve better results? We have the answer. Small group tutoring sessions have been found to be very effective for a number of reasons. We offer this option, along with traditional one-on-one or home tutoring and online tutoring as we recognise that each family’s situation is different and that students require more flexibility in the options of how they receive assistance. Star Tutors provides this cost-effective tuition method for a group of students requiring assistance in a common subject. We provide group tutoring in a wide range of subjects for school and university students and will help students to reach their potential in a collaborative environment. Star Tutors are determined to help students to become well-rounded and job-ready (see here for more about what makes Star Tutors different).

Group tutoring has several benefits for students. There is much more peer interactivity and teamwork and students are able to improve on their social skills. Teamwork and the ability to socialise are often very important characteristics for graduates looking for their first entry level position. Students are able to learn from each other as well as the tutor, which can also speed up the understanding of the topic for participants. Whilst in one-on-one tutoring the tutor tends to do the bulk of the work, in group tutoring there is more room for discussion development and contribution levels as the tutor works together with students. Finally, one of the most important aspects of group tutoring is that students who enjoy social interaction are more easily able to relax among like-minded peers. Star Tutors will help students to work well together and to ensure that all students receive the assistance they require. We will also help students to stay on track and focus on the content with relevant examples which students collectively engage with.

group tutoring

Our group tutoring sessions are conducted over 90 minutes (rather than 1 hour as usual) and can contain up to 5 students to a group. This enables all students an equal opportunity to receive help and individual assistance where necessary. Group tutoring is particularly recommended if you are aware of other students in your child’s grade who are struggling with the same subject.

Group tutoring sessions will generally be conducted in a public place, such as the library where all participants can easily meet. Group tutoring is offered specifically for school and university students for best results. As mentioned before, this is the most cost-effective method for small groups of peers to receive assistance and to grow intellectually together (see here for packages).

group tutoring