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 Tutoring For Success - What Makes Us Better?

Star Tutors is a tutoring company with a difference. We offer a wide range of subjects for students in primary school, high school and university. We have identified gaps in school and university education which require remedial action. It is our goal to produce well-rounded and job-ready students. Our talent pool extends beyond conventional education as we also provide business Marketing solutions training for adults or university students wishing to gain an edge in the workplace. Something that also makes us stand out is that we provide three different ways tutoring sessions can be conducted: in person with one-on-one sessions, either at home or in a central location for both the student and tutor, group tutoring where there is a maximum of five students, and finally, online tutoring sessions. Please note that for in person tutoring sessions, our tutors are only available in the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney.

For university students and businesses, our particular focus with tuition is on Marketing, and using the best low-cost tools to yield a greater return. We examine things like online Marketing, Google Adwords, SEO, WordPress website creation, eBay, MailChimp, and many other techniques which have been tried and tested over time. For example, there are several companies which promise to deliver fantastic results in SEO. This is not easily measurable, and often leaves owners frustrated and less likely to engage a similar company. What Star Tutors does, however, is that we go beyond doing the SEO work for you, to actually showing how you as the business owner can do your own SEO work. Our tutoring approach is practical and we will not waste your time or money with empty promises. Part of our service will be to analyse the website in terms of things like bounce rates, loading speeds, back link anaylsis, essentially performing a website health check. 


What makes Star Tutor's approach to tutoring different?

By using one of our Star Tutors, you will enable your child to receive the very best support in their school work. We provide your child with many opportunities to broaden their understanding of subjects and to develop better study habits. Our tutors will assist your child in assignments, projects, and exam preparation. Please be aware, however, that we will not write these on behalf of your child. Your child's results will grow through our tutors assisting them in the processes, providing tips on how to study, explaining content in an engaging way, proof-reading essays and providing constructive criticism on how to improve.


Something which we do which is not commonly practiced is that we will try to identify your child's personal interests and learning style. This services the purpose of making the educational content personally relevant, engaging, fun, and ultimately easier to remember. Star Tutors recognise that there should never be a 'one size fits all' approach when it comes to your child's tutoring experience. This is part of the reason we offer a range of convenient methods for tutoring sessions depending on your preference.

For adults or university students, we will also customise the learning experience to what you require. Many university students who require assistance often find the gap between school and university too big to bridge themselves. Sometimes there is a language barrier, and the high quality of written work expected may prove to be difficult for students to overcome on their own. For business owners, our Marketing solutions are adjusted to the type of business you have and your specific needs. 


Our tutors are all experienced and meet all legal requirements (such as having a Working With Children Check). All tutors meet our rigorous selection criteria and undergo a 3 stage application process consisting of an initial application, phone interview, and finally a face-to-face interview. Those selected have received excellent results in subjects tutored, have excellent communication skills, are reliable, self-motivated, and friendly. Those interested in becoming a part of our team should see here for more information.

As mentioned previously, we have three main methods whereby tutoring is conducted. By far, the most popular type of tuition session remains one-on-one tutoring (also called home tutoring). It is a much more interactive experience than online tutoring, and it is easier for tutors to address weaknesses through individual attention. Private tuition is a great way for students to gain an understanding of concepts and become more confident. Part of what we do is assisting students with skills they will need for later in life, such as time management or study skills. Often with these individual sessions, students can gain more confidence and learn in a supportive environment.


The second most popular method of tuition is online tutoring. This is increasing in popularity, particularly for students in later years at high school and university. This is because online tutoring offers greater flexibility and convenience, particularly when exams and assessments fall due. Students can arrange additional sessions more easily if they feel they require them.  The final method of tuition is group tutoring, which is less popular simply because it can be tricky to organise and often students require one-on-one attention to address their weaknesses. Group tutoring is for students in the same grade who seek assistance in a common subject. We restrict group sizes to a maximum of 5 students, to ensure that all those participating are able to receive the support they require.