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We recognise that every family's situation is different. There should always be flexibility when it comes to the options of tutoring. That's why we offer a choice of tuition methods and accordingly, differing tuition prices.

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Online Tuition

Online tuition eliminates travel time and parents are invited to get involved by speaking with the tutor to monitor how their child performs. They reduce time wasting from students as there should be less distractions and more work can be completed within the time. Online sessions will be conducted over Skype and are recorded for your convenience. Screen sharing through Skype enables tutors to quickly rectify any mistakes made by students, and in turn, helps tutors to effectively communicate to students how to perform particular functions.

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One-On-One Tuition

One-on-one (or home) tuition sessions are also popular as they enable more personal interaction between the tutor and student. It allows for student needs to be specifically addressed in a personalised manner. Tutors are also more easily able to identify the student's learning style and can accordingly adjust how they teach. Individual tuition is generally conducted in the home of the student, which enables a more relaxed environment which can be supervised by parents. For older students in later years of school or at university, this can be held at a local library.

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Group Tuition

Group tutoring is most popular among students in the same subject who are struggling to get the necessary support from teachers or lecturers. These sessions are particularly interactive and allow students the opportunity to grow intellectually together at the same pace. Small groups enable better individual learning objectives to be reached, and this is why we restrict these sessions to a maximum of 5 students to a group. These sessions are conducted over 90 minutes to enable all students an equal opportunity to receive assistance. 

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