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Tutoring Techniques Used By Star Tutors

Star Tutors are carefully selected from a variety of criteria regarding academic background and personality to ensure we can best address the needs of your child. We also recommend that parents take a look at our Advice page, which provides some tips for families on how they can support students to reach their potential. There are several tutoring techniques which we recommend for our tutors which will assist your child to achieve outstanding results. The following tutoring techniques are as a result of research and personal experiences which have proven to be useful.

  1. We will share with your child the passion of learning. Often, subjects in which children struggle are areas which they find to be boring and have no real connection with their own lives. We share our enthusiasm for learning and will use plenty of real examples to help your child engage with the educational content.
  2. Star Tutors will teach your child how to learn for themselves and enable them to work more independently. Our tutors will guide your child through examples and then ask your child to show them how the next question would be answered.
  3. A key skill increasingly being examined is your child’s critical thinking. Our tutors will show your child how to analyse information and form their own judgements within a constructive setting. Supportive feedback and patience from our tutors will help correct any misunderstandings.
  4. We will use frequent pauses to allow your child to properly contribute to the session. This stops them from tuning out and makes it clear whether they have understood what has explained.
  5. Tutoring techniques and information will be tailored to your child’s interests, making them more productive and engaged with the educational content.
  6. Star Tutors will identify your child’s learning style to adjust their tutoring methods to help them learn more effectively. Some students learn best by seeing information visually depicted through diagrams, other children learn best from hearing it discussed, and others from writing it down for themselves.
  7. Finally, our tutors will recap information at the end of tutoring sessions to remind your child about key things discussed and allow them the opportunity to voice any last minute questions they may have.

Our tutors are well prepared and are chosen based on their academic performance and attitude. Our tutors are punctual and reliable. They are enthusiastic about teaching and children respond to this with stronger participation levels. Star Tutors will provide relevant examples where possible to bring the information alive. Ultimately, we provide a quality educational service which incorporates these tutoring techniques to help students to succeed at school and become well-rounded individuals able to contribute towards a sustainable future.

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