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Successful Tutors Make All The Difference To Learning Outcomes

Students often require assistance in a wide variety of subjects and those unable to obtain help through school will often turn to tutoring. Instinctively, students will often be able to distinguish between average teachers/tutors and teachers/tutors who will help them succeed. At Star Tutors, we have successful tutors who have proven themselves time after time as able to help students make a difference to their academic results and to become more well-rounded. Students best able to learn from these tutors do need to commit to at least (and we recommend more than the minimum) an hour each week and work consistently throughout the week otherwise. The following article highlights characteristics of our successful tutors and methods that aspiring tutors can attempt to implement to become more effective. See our About Us, Advice, Tutoring Techniques, and Effective Tutors pages for more tips and information on how Star Tutors approach tutoring.

The first characteristic of a successful tutor which is particularly difficult is the ability to help students feel good about themselves and their accomplishments without giving them an unrealistic perception of their abilities. This helps to build the student’s self-esteem and confidence and has less risk of the student becoming mistrustful of the tutor if they discover they aren’t really that good at certain things. Honesty is almost always the best policy. This goes both ways. For example, if the student lies about their strengths, it has a counterproductive effect on the tutoring session. Additionally, tutors should be upfront with their student if they don’t understand an aspect of what is being covered. Working together with the student to solve it by looking at the textbook together or searching online, can have a positive influence on showing students how to find information and how to approach gaps in knowledge when tutors aren’t available.

successful tutors

For a good, productive tutoring session, tutors also need to be prepared. When first greeting students, tutors should give them their undivided attention (rather than playing around on their smartphone etc.) and have empathy with any problems the student may have. It is crucial for this empathy to also be constructive and to lead the student back to having a productive mindset to begin learning. Successful tutors also have the ability to put a positive light on a situation and to understand and work with the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, a successful tutor has experience and understands the academic content. Star Tutors seek tutors who have done well in subjects taught and have real life experience or knowledge to make learning more relevant to students. Our mission is to create well-rounded and job-ready individuals, and this can be accomplished through our like-minded tutors who care about what they teach and want to make a difference. Successful tutors also challenge students to think for themselves, whilst providing a supportive environment to assist students to understand concepts. Tutors who are knowledgeable about their content have been shown to help students improve their academic grades and tests (see here). Unlike some other tutoring companies, we do background checks, check academic results, as well as ensuring tutors meet our criteria through face-to-face interviews.

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