HSC Tips


HSC Tips For Success and Managing Stress

Today marks the first day of the HSC exams for 2015. It is an extremely difficult time for students (and families!) as there is a lot of pressure to succeed. Star Tutors has several students who are about to sit their final exams or are beginning Year 12. We have compiled some top HSC tips to help them through this stressful time. Students are faced with a lot of challenges during their final year of school. Planning what they will do for the rest of their lives is a hugely stressful task. Some students plan to go to university, others to TAFE, and others to begin work. For those seeking to enter university or those who just want to keep their options open by doing the best they can, we have compiled three great HSC tips to help students to keep focused and to help them perform the best they can under stressful conditions.

HSC tips

HSC tips for students to meet their potential

  1. The first of our HSC tips is to use the syllabus for each subject to help students study and prepare for assessments more effectively. Make notes on everything mentioned within the syllabus, rather than using just the textbook to study. It is also worth considering that a tutor can make the world of difference. Unlike teachers who are often unable to provide individual assistance and parents who may not understand the subject matter, tutors are experienced and able to tailor content to help students. Star Tutors provides a range of different subjects and will tutor in a method (one-on-one or home tutoring, online, and group tutoring) most convenient for students.
  2. Do practice exams and past papers. Really. They do help. They provide a guide to the way questions might be asked, and exam papers have similar questions which come up every so often. Practice doing them under exam conditions – no distractions like Facebook or mobiles or other people talking. This also means that students need to aim to complete the paper in the allocated time frame (usually 3 hours) given for the assessment. Time management is crucial to success in exams.
  3. Be healthy. Give yourself a break from studying every so often to revitalize and feel ready to tackle it all over again. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit and avoid eating junk food. Drink plenty of water. This will also help ward off any headaches that might come your way with repetitive studying and anxiety about what will happen. Also stay active. This will help boost your energy levels to keep going and reduce stress levels.

See our Advice page, the Sydney Morning Herald, and other online resources for some more study and HSC tips. Something that can also help students is to just keep perspective during this time. Their final year at school may seem very scary as there is much uncertainty and pressure. Many students are in the same boat and have no idea what they should do after school. Often students will follow the guidance of friends, family, teachers, or others. Assessments and exams become increasingly more difficult throughout Year 12 and students can feel that their final HSC marks will define them. It doesn’t. That is something for all students (whether doing their HSC now or in a few years time) to remember. The HSC is just one pathway students can take towards gaining an ATAR university admission. It is important for students to remember that family and friends will support them and love them regardless of  their results. They just want their student to be happy and healthy. 

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