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Effective Tutors Helping Students To Reach Their Potential And Beyond

Star Tutors offer a wide variety of subjects which students may require assistance in. We have several tutors who have shared with us their most successful techniques for helping students to learn. Our tutors cover frequently requested subjects such as English and Maths, and also less commonly required subjects such as Business Studies and Social Sustainability Marketing, helping students to reach their full potential and to become well-rounded individuals. Effective tutors can make the world of difference to student learning outcomes. We provide tips below on how our tutors approach their work for successful results. Also take a look at our Advice, Tutoring Techniques, and Successful Tutors pages for more insight into how Star Tutors make a difference.

Through the course of tutoring sessions, tutors need to be able to establish a rapport with their student. Better communication between the two means that students are more likely to confide in their tutor any issues they may have. A tutor has a rather unique supportive role, and often students are most comfortable discussing areas of difficulty with them as they may feel they are being judged by teachers or peers at school, and may not be able to receive academic assistance from parents.

effective tutors

Effective tutors help students to develop better study techniques

This comes down to effective tutors being able to create strong personal relationships with their students, where students feel more connected to, and trust and respect their tutor. Key advantages of this are that tutors are able to personalise the learning through connections to the student’s interests and strengths, and to minimise weaknesses through constructive and supportive advice.

Linked with this is the ability of effective tutors to listen and communicate with parents and teachers. Providing individualised attention to help students requires tutors to discuss their learning abilities with parents, and, where possible, teachers. This enables tutors to leverage insight gained to help students address problem areas and encourage them to participate more in school.

effective tutors

Tutors help students constructively address their weaknesses in a supportive setting

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