Online Tuition

Online tuition is a great time saving option. It eliminates travel time involved for both parties. This can mean that the tutor is able to spend longer with each student. More work can be completed within a given time frame. This tuition method allows for the online sessions to be recorded, with the option of parents viewing the session to see how their child and the tutor work together.

Online Packages

One-On-One Tuition

One-on-one (or home) tuition is the most popular choice where students receive individual attention to address their particular needs. This is often conducted in the home of the student, where they are more relaxed and often produce better results. Parents have the option of listening in to a tutoring session and receiving weekly feedback on how their child is performing.

One-On-One Packages

Group Tuition

Group tuition is popular for a group of classmates studying a particular subject where they are unable to receive extra assistance from school or university. Optimal group sizes are between 2-5 students. Individual students get better value for money. Group sessions are usually conducted in a public location, such as the local library.

Group Packages

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Do you have a child at school who needs assistance?

Are you at university and having difficulty meeting the higher academic standards?

Or are you a business person, looking in broaden your understanding of Marketing?

We can help you!


We do things differently to help you succeed.

We strive to help students gain a solid understanding of the educational content and to help them learn skills to become well-rounded and job-ready. Our tuition services are about providing students with many opportunities to develop better study habits. We will assist students with assignments, projects, and exam preparation. Student results will grow through our tutors assisting them in the processes, providing tips on how to study, explaining content in an engaging way, proof-reading essays and providing constructive criticism on how to improve.

Tuition is not just for students at school or university.

We also provide innovative business marketing solutions.

Our business solutions can assist adults in a range of different courses, with particular emphasis on how marketing techniques and website creation can be used for competitive advantage in their industry. We look in depth at things like search engine optimisation (SEO), Google Adwords tuition, in-depth tailored business consulting services, social media and how to use it, and various low-cost marketing techniques specific for small businesses including mail campaigns, SMS and email marketing. 

We have provided vocational training, Adwords support and WordPress website creation assistance for small to medium sized businesses and not-for-profit organisations including Chem-Dry Red RoseOnline Marketing Professionals, Pingi Australia, Creative Wedding Photography,   Chem-Dry Action,   Chem-Dry Ultimate,   Chem-Dry QuickDry,   Pacific WaterChem-Dry Distinction,   Chem-Dry Distinction 2,   Dottie Tales,   and the   NSW Branch of the Richard III Society, among others.


Please note: all tutors meet our rigorous selection criteria and undergo a 3 stage application process consisting of an initial application, phone interview, and finally a face-to-face interview. Those selected have Working With Children Checks and meet all legal requirements. All our tutors are either qualified teachers, university graduates, or university students undertaking study in related disciplines. Those selected have received excellent results in subjects tutored, have excellent communication skills, are reliable, self-motivated, and friendly. If you are interested in becoming a tutor for us, please click here.


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